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Youth Ministry

The goal of the New Testament church Youth Ministry is to minister to the social and spiritual needs of our children by building victorious disciples for Christ. As we should know, the youth, including our very important teens are the next generation of leaders within our churches and families.

We have always known the youth were paramount, but the second and third generation Teen Christian is under pressures that most adults and parents may not be aware of. This is why New Testament’s youth ministry is so important. We strive to lead our teenagers to a genuine faith in Jesus Christ, encourage them to grow as lifelong disciples, and equip them to minister to others.

Media Ministry

This ministry provides the sound for all events at the church and, when needed, at other local events.

They also set up sound system equipment as well as record and distribute audio and video products for the church and other ministries.

Drama Ministry

Drama Ministry portrays real life situations, Christian themes and Bible stories on stage in a spiritual, realistic, and professional manner. Productions may range from humorous skits and sermon stingers to short seasonal productions or full length plays and musicals. The ministry welcomes any interested person, regardless of his or her level of experience, from the novice to the seasoned thespian.
Transportation Ministry

Provides transportation for members, guests and staff to and from church and other events.
Our ministry is equipped with a 15-passenger van and two 45-passenger busses. Transportation is provided to conferences, services or even recreational outing for the youth. Our goal is to provide courteous and professional service to God’s people.
Praise Dance Ministry

The Praise Dancers Ministry consist of the Praise Dancers (teenage girls and boys), J. W. Praise (pre-teen girls), and the Adult Praise Dancers.

This group of women and men desire to give God praise and minister to the church through dance. Each choreographed movement of their hands and feet has special meaning and purpose unto the Lord.
NTC Music Ministry

This group of singers, songwriters, musicians and worship leaders are called to usher God’s people into worship through music. The ministry is comprised of the Adult Choir, Youth Choir, and NTC Mass Choir.

The Music Ministry serves the congregation on every Sunday and performs in many event and concerts throughout the community.
Mime Ministry

This group of young men and women praise God and minister through mime movements.

Each choreographed movement of their hands and feet has special meaning and purpose unto the Lord
Usher Ministry

The Ushers Ministry meet, greets, and escorts members and guests to their seats as they enter the sanctuarywith a smile.

The objective of this ministry is to ensure that each person who enters in God’s house feels the peace and joy and happiness that are in the sanctuary. There are female, male and youth ushers.

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